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Exterior Projects

Examples of Custom Jobs undertaken by All Acrylic Shapes using acrylic, polycarbonate or plexiglas

  • Pool fencing
  • Letterbox surrounds
  • Balustrades
  • Decorative indoor, outdoor and garden screens
  • Patio gable fill-ins
  • Water features
  • Stairwell fill-ins
  • Light boxes
  • Signs
  • Street numbers
  • Privacy screens
All Acrylic


  • Homes
  • Boats
  • Louvres
  • Racing cars
  • Viewing windows for silos
  • Caravans
  • Cranes

Exterior Acrylic Solutions

Pool and Spa fencing

  • Safer than glass
  • Child friendly
  • 12mm Plexiglas
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Great UV Protection
  • Easier to install

Privacy and Garden screens

  • Matt and gloss finishes
  • Decorative patterns available
  • Clear and frosted
  • Wide range of colours
  • UV resistant

Patio Protection

  • Weather-proof solutions
  • Grey tinted for UV protection
  • Triangular gable ends cut-to-size
  • Easy self-installation


  • Child proofing for balconies
  • Meets Council regs for old style pool fencing
  • All shapes cut-to-size
  • Easy self-installation
  • All Acrylic

    6mm frosted acrylic bi-fold door inserts - good security and a classy look

  • All Acrylic

    Frosted acrylic bi-fold door inserts

  • All Acrylic

    12mm Plexiglas semi frameless pool fencing, Plexiglas has a 30 year UV guarantee

  • All Acrylic

    3mm white acrylic strips completes the timber privacy screen

  • All Acrylic

    12mm Plexiglas semi frameless pool fencing with unique sculptured top - a safer alternative

  • All Acrylic

    Plexiglas comes with a 30 year clarity guarantee

  • All Acrylic

    Decorative exterior privacy screens - UV resistant and weather proof

  • All Acrylic

    Climb-proofing an existing fence at a child care centre as per council regulations

  • All Acrylic

    Patio gable ends in translucent or grey tinted acrylic